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Hello everyone! <^_^>

I'm quite excited to announce a new series of drawings I'm going to be working on in the near future; a series of pieces depicting my MMORPG avatar of choice and personal mascot, Yumi, in costumes from several of the major MMOs she's visited since her inception.

Basically this is a way for me to do three things at once:

1)  Practice my art - particularly my full-body drawing abilities.  If you've spent any time at all in my gallery, you've probably noticed that most of my pictures only show the head and shoulders.  Clearly this needs to be addressed; and there's no better way to do that than to draw a whole bunch.

2)  Revisit long-forgotten worlds with the character I played in them.  Some of the games I'll be revisiting aren't even in operation anymore - and those that are quite often have very tiny user-bases and receive minimal effort in the way of updates these days.  Essentially it's a way to bid adieu to games gone by while enjoying the memories I made along the way.

3)  Show the progression of Yumi, aforementioned avatar and mascot, as she's evolved over the years and through different games.  Eventually the finale* will be a piece showing her off purely on her own, outside of any game, fully a character in her own right.

Basically:  I'm hoping to have a lot of fun and learn some things in the process.

Now, before I post the inks for the first piece, I want to add some notes here; so nobody gets confused, because I guarantee there will be confusion if I don't say this now.

First and foremost - Yumi is a catgirl.  I've always envisioned her that way; and so no matter what game's equipment she may be showing off at the moment, that's who the underlying person is always going to be.  Sadly, very very few games allow me to actually play her as such, so in the description of each picture I will likely note what race she was in-game.

Secondly - While I intend very much to stick with equipment and costume pieces I actually used... the fact is I need references for this stuff, and in the case of smaller/more obscure or very old games, those may not be widely available.  Essentially:  I may have to fudge a few things here and there, though I intend to keep that to a minimum for obvious reasons.  In fact, I'm very much hoping I can keep that fudging only to the very first piece, which being based off of Dark Age of Camelot, meant digging through lots of ancient screenshots to try to find adequate pictures, and even then I couldn't find what I wanted in some cases.  That said, fair warning that while I will try to be authentic to the games in question, it's by no means guaranteed it'll be a 100% perfect match every time.

Finally - I am not going to cover *every* game I've created her in;  that would take forever and a lot of the games I've played very briefly weren't worth it.  I'm specifically covering only the games I either invested substantial personal time in or had an exceptionally cool outfit for her to wear.


I am not a great artist.  I'm not even good.  I am however going to push my meager abilities to their utter limit on this, so hopefully anyone who cares to look will enjoy what they see.  I will do my best!

Backgrounds may or may not be done for each piece.  Ideally, I'd do them for all of them; however a good background can be a tremendous amount of work, and the first piece has taken me roughly 3 days to hammer out from sketch to completed inks.  Note that that doesn't include colors or shades yet.  My hope is that as I work at this, I'll improve not only in terms of skill, but also in terms of speed.  The faster I can make things happen, the greater likelihood of backgrounds appearing.  Basically this is a big "we'll see" about anything more complex than a very very simple background.


Anyway, sorry for that lengthy ramble, but I wanted to get it out of the way here on my journal rather than in each and every pic as I upload them.  I'll include a link in each picture as it goes up.

Note:  I will probably put up black and white unshaded inks before I put up a finished full color piece - and once the finished piece goes up, the inks will likely be put into scraps.  So check back in a few days if you see a black and white you find promising!

*Well, for now - my hoped for is that as I visit new MMORPGs in the future, to always do a picture of her at some point while I'm playing it.  Just for kicks.


United States



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