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Yumi at the Beach (Requested) (WIP) by mistformsquirrel
Yumi at the Beach (Requested) (WIP)
So, looooong time no see, eh DA?  I've been pretty quiet over the last year and a half.  Can't promise things will change soon, but today I got a little something done at the request of a friend.  This is just the sketch, but I'd like to ink/color it eventually.  No promises - it's been a rough time, but I'll see if I can manage.

For those new to my page, this is my OC/Mascot, Yumi, who kinda follows me everywhere and into everything.  This particular incarnation is for a Shadowrun campaign, but outwardly you couldn't really tell that.  She rather deliberately lacks cyberware, but went in heavy on cosmetic bioware among other things.  

Anyway, feedback welcome.  I haven't drawn much in ages, and I haven't done a fully body picture this well... well ever imo, but I'm sure there's plenty of problems I've missed.

The hands and feet will be refined as I move to inks and colors; and this sketch will move to Scraps when the time comes.
Yumi as Shadowrunner (Newbie Runner) by mistformsquirrel
Yumi as Shadowrunner (Newbie Runner)
The second sketch (actually done before the other one);  this is basically Yumi after running out of money and falling into the world of the SINless... she carries a couple machinepistols, a katana, and a variety of other kit, probably a rifle of some variety for missions where longer range is required.  She's also got quite a lot of bioware stuffed into her; but relatively little in the way of chrome.  (She's effectively the team's "lightweight' street samurai;  the other is much more heavily armored and less stealth capable.  A mage and decker are also present.)
Yumi as Shadowrunner (Pre-Runner Days) (WIP) by mistformsquirrel
Yumi as Shadowrunner (Pre-Runner Days) (WIP)
Hellooooooo everyone on DA! <@.@> It has been a long time since I've uploaded anything and I am deeply sorry for that.  It's been a really really hard year; but I'm finally starting to get back to things and well... this is the first of several pieces I'll be uploading today; all WIPs.

They'll get moved to scraps as they're finished and the finished versions take their places in the main gallery; but for now I'm just eager to get some movement.

Overall?  I'm pretty pleased.  My artwork has been effectively stagnant for most of a year, and yet somehow on finally really digging back into things, I feel OK with the result.

Obviously this will need good inks and colors yet, plus some kind of background, but for now this is the refined B&W sketch without shading.


This is my mascot/avatar/whathaveyou, Yumi, who features in a lot of my art;  she's also going to be (in altered form) a character in an upcoming Shadowrun campaign I'm in; and so I felt as a way to get me back into art, I'd do some work on her various costumes for said campaign.

This is basically her before she became a runner.  Don't let the raver girl look fool you though;  there's a lot going on here beyond just a partygirl with too much nuyen and an interesting in cosmetic bioware.
So, last Monday, I was following my fairly typical routine - I'd been out getting some things for my mom, picked up some lunch while I was out, and after returning home decided to go downstairs to my computer room to eat and play some games.

In order to do this I have to go down a set of steps I'd been down at least once (probably more frequently) a day, every day, for over 15 years.  I've fallen up and down those stairs, including tumbles all the way from the top to the concrete floor at the bottom.  Never once have I managed to hurt myself in the process.

Apparently I was due!

This time I slipped, fell a measely 3 steps to the landing (halfway down) and broke both bones on my lower right leg.  In the interim I've been in and out of the hospital and had surgery, including having a 13" titanium rod inserted into my right leg. <@_@>;  Yes I am a cyborg-squirrel now.

At any rate though - I'm recovering - I have access to a laptop and the internet now so my presence online should begin to return to something resembling normalcy.  I'm not sure about art in this state - more because of the lack of a suitable work environment that can accommodate my bum leg than anything else (but if I can swing it I plan to do at least some art while injured too).

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know what's up.

Current projected looks to be 6 weeks to weight bearing, 6 months to full recovery.  That said I'll know better after my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks.


United States



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